AIRAM Introduces Press System With In Die Laser Welding Capability
Helps Fabricators Eliminate Time-Intensive Labor

Covington, Ohio—(April 30, 2016) Airam Press Co. Ltd. has introduced a pneumatic stamping press system with in-die laser welding capability to help fabricators eliminate time-intensive labor, improve repeatability and reduce material handling.  Laser welding, parts assembly and cut-off operations take place inside the press without sacrificing production speed. The company can design a multi-level, multi-station die to accommodate customer requirements along with a PLC control and feedlines.
“We integrated the laser with the press and designed a press enclosure that meets current safety standards but also gives the operator easy access,” says John Bornhorst, vice president of engineering for AIRAM. “Once the stamping operation is completed, the press precisely locates, positions and holds the part in place for laser welding and cut-off.  Fabricators can stamp and weld different types of materials together as well, so the applications are endless.”
The robust production system is maintenance free and economical to operate.
Airam is also able to tailor press designs to customer requirements at a lower cost by starting with established technology that includes an uptime rating of 98 percent. Full tonnage is available through the entire stroke which can be controlled to form material as quickly or as slowly as an application requires.  Programming takes the guess work out of systems’ like the pneumatic press with in-die laser welding allowing fabricators to quickly train operators with less experience.

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